I am in the process of adding more classes to the schedule. 

Classes will include beginner as well as classes geared

to more experienced students.

Topics will include copperplate, and its variations, italic,

wedge brush painting and flourishing. 


All former students will receive notification of the new schedule

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Following are the classes currently scheduled.

Please reach out to the contact for enrollment information......


JANUARY 9-10, 2021

Copperplate MasterClass

Hong Kong

This workshop begins where most others leave off ! In this workshop, we take an intense look at the copperplate form to discover what it is that makes these letters sing ! We will refine the forms to achieve a beautiful grace and elegance, learning that subtle changes can give very dramatic results. Flourishing techniques and stylized capitals will round out a course filled with new perspectives.

JANUARY 12, 2021

Copperplate Variations

Hong Kong

Copperplate calligraphy is an elegant and expressive hand, but with subtle differences in shape and form, many variations in the letterforms can be achieved. We will learn how to give the hand many looks, while always maintaining the classic form. By varying weight, height and slant, we can create whole new alphabets. Analysing fonts will give us more inspiration to develop and create alphabets.


JANUARY 13-14, 2021

Pointed Pen Personalities

Hong Kong

The pointed pen is a wonderful tool, strong enough to achieve bold, dramatic forms and yet, fine enough to produce the merest whisper of a line. In this class, we will start with a brief review of the Classic copperplate form, an elegant and expressive hand. We will then find that with subtle (and not so subtle) differences in shape and form, many variations in the letterforms can be achieved.

We will learn how to give the hand many personalities, just by changing strokes, angles, slant and weight, from fun and causal to elegant and dressed-up. We will learn how to vary one or more characteristics to create a variety of styles, study flourishing techniques and stylized capitals.

JANUARY 16-17, 2021

Design Studio: The Creative Approach

Hong Kong

Lettering is the first step in producing a calligraphic composition. Other considerations are layout colour choices, paper choices, as well as how to prepare the art for printing. In this hands-on workshop, the student will be given a print project, such as a menu or invitation, and learn how to make these choices, starting with lettering style, layout, colour sections and addition of artistic elements. Finally, methods of preparing the art for a printer will be demonstrated.

Venue - Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong Causeway Bay

33 Sharp Street East

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

contact: the


APRIL 24-25, 2021

Pointed Pen Flourishes

Calligraphy Guild of Indiana





JULY, 2021 (specific day TBD)

IAMPETH Conference

"Dressed-Down" Copperplate (a casual approach)

Spirited, lively, casual…….this class will explore the fun side of copperplate script, as we learn how to modify the classic form to produce a more “dressed down” alphabet. Shedding the refinement and “dressed up” persona of copperplate, we will nod to the classic, but add some elements to change to a more informal personality.



I also offer one-on-one private tutorial sessions, custom designed to the student's desired field of study. The class would take place via Zoom and can be scheduled at the student's convenience.


Topic suggestions would be:

lettering: copperplate, spencerian, any pointed pen script variation, italic, all levels

flourishing: letters or pointed pen illustration

photoshop/in design, preparing art for print

$60 per hour, or 3 hours for $165.

Please email me for course and scheduling information.